Somewhere Over The Rainbow …

Skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true … okay I won’t recite the whole song but that thought did cross my mind as I was taking these pictures. As I look back at my past my dreams really have come true. I have three perfect children, who have given me six perfect grandchildren, a wonderful husband who I love so much, a sister who has always been my best friend, good friends who have been beside me forever, and a retirement life hubby and I have always dreamed about. So as I looked at these rainbows and the song ran through my head I realized dreams really do come true 🙂

After an afternoon of rain we where sitting inside playing a game when we noticed our neighbours excitedly pointing toward the lake. The four of us had a conversation about what could be going on and telling each other to go out and ask our neighbours what was so exciting when Mrs. Terry noticed the tip of a rainbow in the sky. “Grap your camera” she said! You didn’t have to tell me twice! We stood along the shores of Okanagan Lake for a good half hour taking pictures of the most beautiful rainbows. I had a hard time paring down my pictures but here are a few of the sixty pictures I took.


We watched these two geese swim towards the rainbow and when they finally arrived I thought they were the perfect end to the beautiful rainbows. Shortly after the rainbows faded off into the night skies.

Until next time …


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