An Exhausting … But Fun Week

I love spring flowers 🙂

We have spent the last eight days looking after our daughter’s four children. They left for Mexico at 5:00 a.m. last Sunday morning and arrived home at 7:00 p.m. last night and there may have been a chance I was at the window waiting for them to arrive home 🙂


Really hubby and I had a great week and really enjoyed our time with the kids but we are looking forward to a slow lazy morning this morning before we pick the kids up at school … Monday and Tuesday are our days for looking after the kids after school.

Pink Rhododendron

Our daughter’s four children are fifteen, eleven, seven, and almost nine; three boys and the oldest is a girl. So a week of packing lunches, getting them off to school and all their extra curricular activities, dealing with homework and other chores, all mixed in with teenage hormones and three boys who have their share of disagreements along with a cat and dog (German shepherd puppy … not so little)!


And the only thing that really stands out in my mind about the week? Warm sleepy cheek kisses every morning while trying to wake up our eleven year old grandson, our seven year old grandson crawling into bed with us every morning, our nine year old grandsons hugs and always telling me he loves me, and our fifteen year old granddaughter laughing and telling me about her day along with making dinner one night (and cleaning up with some help from grandpa). There were many times during this past week that I was a little sad our three children were grown, I kind of miss those days when they were little.

Yes all in all it was a good week, I hope you all had a week as memorable as our was!

Until next time …


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