Road Trip

Maxx decided not to join us on this road trip mainly because the highway passes between the Okanagan and BC’s coast can still get snow this time of year, but I think he was probably happy to tuck in his slides and enjoy some clean air without hubby and I coughing twenty-four hours a day!

We are spending a few days in Langley visiting with hubby’s mom and hopefully we will get to see some of his siblings as well. The roads on the trip down were pretty good for the most part, a little wet, and a fair amount of fog, but no snow.

Just south of Hope, BC we started to come across fields of yellow blooms, not sure what type of crop they are, they may have even been weeds, but I thought they were pretty.

But then we drove by this tulip field and it was so beautiful we had to turn around and get some pictures.


I love spring and all the beautiful flowers it brings 🙂

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Road Trip

    • Haha, I love the “Wet Coast” comment. We both grew up on the wet coast but moved to the “Dryterrior” when we got married. I do love coming back to the coast in early spring to see the flowers before they start blooming at home 😊


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