Why Walmart

Have you ever wondered why, when we just stop for a night, we choose to camp at Walmart?

Walmart in Lake Chelan, Washington … you cannot stay overnight in this Walmart parking lot.

There are several stores that will allow you to camp overnight in their parking lot (check out the All Stays site) but we have a tendency to stay at Walmart … here is why.

In August 2003 we were forced out of our home by a wildfire. The Okanagan Mountain Park fire consumed over 250 square kilometers of land and forced more than 27,000 people to evacuate their homes. The fire destroyed 239 homes, but fortunately our home was not one of them.

The fire started on August 16, 2003 with a lightning strike and I had a feeling we would be evacuated, so I started packing everything that was important to us, pictures, files, baby books, Christmas decorations, etc. I put all the boxes in our fifth wheel with the thought that we would hook up and tow all our precious memories to a safe place.

A few days later we were told we would need to evacuate and after hooking up the RV, hubby and I stood outside our home with our neighbours and watched a house on the hill above us go up in flames. That was enough to convince us all we needed to leave. For the first few nights we parked in an empty lot across from my sisters place but eventually we realized this wasn’t going to be a quick thing, so we moved to the Walmart parking lot. We were one of many, many evacuee’s who had parked their RV’s at Walmart. The morning after we arrived there was a knock on the door, when we opened it we were greeted by two Walmart employee’s pulling a large cart full of snacks, bread, milk, and other basics. We were asked if we needed anything and told to help ourselves … all free of charge! Walmart had also arranged for a sani truck to come by and pump tanks for free and a water truck to come by and fill water tanks for free. I still get emotional thinking of the generosity they showed!

So when it comes to an overnight stay in a parking lot, Walmart gets our vote 🙂

Until next time …


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