I’m still laughing over this text conversation between our daughter and I about our youngest grandson’s birthday.

Let me start by telling you that he turned seven a few days ago and he is the only child I know that will not tell you he love’s you. His response to anyone saying “I love you” is “I like you”. He has always been like that; it’s just his thing. Occasionally when he is tired he will tell his mother he loves her and I got it once when he was tired and not feeling well and dozing in my arms … believe me I cherish that moment. Now it doesn’t offend me that he won’t say he loves me, I know he does, it’s just his thing and he doesn’t tell every Tom, Dick, and Harry that he likes them, so being liked by him is special 🙂

When hubby and I were chased out of Montana by weather we decided we could easily arrive home on our grandson’s birthday. So here is how the conversation went (rather than use our grandson’s name I will use the letter G) … I know I’m a little anal about protecting our family’s privacy 🙂

Me: So it looks like we may be home to wish G happy birthday.

Daughter: G would like you to be here for when he wakes up on his birthday.

Me: That’s sweet but we won’t be there until the afternoon:-) Will he accept that?

Daughter: He sighed and said yes if you’re here by lunch.

Me: That could still be a problem. They eat lunch early and it’s a five-hour drive plus customs. Would he go for snack time?

Daughter: He’s not happy but he’ll take it but he says you HAVE to be here for dinner.

Me: Well he is tough negotiator but I think we can promise that! Unless we are not allowed back into Canada 🙂

Daughter: Alright I will tell him 🙂

Who knew a six year old could be such a strong negotiator … and there is no question in our minds that he LOVES … oops LIKES us!

Until next time …

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