Chelan, Washington – A Full Circle

We had an easy drive to Chelan, which was a nice break after our travels yesterday!

This is what we saw for most of our drive, freshly planted fields, sunshine, and nobody else on the road.

Although we did come across snow on Highway 172 just as we were starting our decent down a five-mile long hill, but it was only on the sides of the highway and the road was dry.

We had a great view of Lake Chelan as we were coming down the hill.

I thought it was only fitting that we spend our final night in the United States in Chelan since we spent our first night here when we began our trip last October.

It also seemed only fitting to honor it in the same way as we did in October 🙂


We had dinner at hubby’s favorite restaurant/pub BC McDonald’s, great food, great prices, and great Wi-Fi!

Tomorrow we will head home to help celebrate our youngest grandson’s 7th birthday. There is a reason that we returned home early this year but I will save that news for later.

Until next time …

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