Hurricane, Utah

We enjoyed our time at Zion National Park but unfortunately we could only get a campsite for three nights so we decided to spend a night in Hurricane, Utah.

A very pretty drive!

Hurricane is a half hour south west of the national park and a short drive to St. George, Utah where there is a Costco. Along with free Wi-Fi and close proximity to shopping, Hurricane was the logical choice. We chose to stay at the Willow Wind RV Park but it wasn’t cheap, $45.00 a night with our Good Sam Discount, and we had to sign a two page, small print, contract! The park was decent with lots of trees and great Wi-Fi but not much room between sites. I don’t think we will be back here again.

Our day was spent picking up groceries and planning stops for the rest of our trip home which is why we needed good Wi-Fi. Looking at the weather forecasts for our future stops I think today maybe one of the last day’s I will be able to wear shorts, but no fear, the flip flops are not coming off!

We had planned on spending another thirteen days to travel home but after looking at the weather we have decided to cut out some stops and arrive home around March 18th.

Until next time …

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