Zion National Park, Utah

Again the weather has cooperated and we were able to head to Zion National Park to do some more hiking. Last month when I checked for space at the campsites in the park there was lots of room but now spring break has hit for school children and the park quickly filled up. We took a chance and drove up to Watchman Campsite, which takes reservations and has power hookup, in the hopes that maybe someone didn’t show up for their reservation … and we were in luck! We manage to get a site for three nights.

Just after we entered the park from Springdale, Utah.

Our first order of business was to drive through the 1.1 mile tunnel. Our trip from Page, Arizona to Zion National Park would have been much shorter if we took the more direct route, which would take us through the tunnel and down a road with six hairpin turns and a severe descent. It didn’t take much thought before we decided to take a slightly longer route and avoid the tunnel, but we did want to see it.

The roads are red and fit in well with the landscape ☺


The trip through the tunnel was interesting; it is very dark and occasionally punctuated with windows.

Once we came through the tunnel we were lucky enough to find a parking spot near the trailhead of the Canyon Overlook Trail.

Tunnel opening at the east end from the Canyon Overlook Trail.

The beginning of the trail has stairs going up the hill.


Most of the trail has railings along the steep canyon side but there are areas that have a sharp drop into the canyon below. I was too busy watching my footing to take pictures of those areas 🙂

This was the one area where they have built a wooden bridge around a large rock outcrop so that hikers could continue further up the trail.

View from the Canyon Outlook of the road up to the tunnel.


As we turned a corner on our way back down the trail we saw a group of three mountain sheep climb up the sheer rock walls, it was amazing to see and way more interesting to watch than take pictures. I was lucky enough to get a picture of mama sheep looking down at me from an outcrop above our heads.

Hubby hiked back up the trail and got this great shot of mama and baby looking for daddy sheep 🙂

At the top of the stairs down to the road we could see a bus heading through the tunnel. Units 11 feet 4 inches tall or 7 feet 10 inches wide can go through the tunnel but they have to wait for the rangers to close the tunnel down and then they drive right through the middle. There is a $15.00 fee to do this.

There is not a lot of room at the top of that bus!

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Zion National Park, Utah

    • We have tried to get to Zion for a few years and the weather hasn’t cooperated. We were lucky this year it was warm and sunny but now they are in for a week of cooler temps.


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