Happy Birthday Maxx

Maxx is three years old today and he is spending his birthday at Watchman Campground in Zion National Park.

Maxx sunning himself at Watchman Campground in Zion National Park, Utah 🙂

I think he looks as good today as he did the day we brought him home 🙂

During his three years Maxx has travelled over 41,000mi, 66,000km, through three provinces and thirteen states.

Over the three years we have made a few additions:

  • Increased his batteries from a single 12-volt battery to six 6-volt batteries.
  • Mounted four solar panels on his roof.
  • Installed a 2000-watt inverter with transfer switch.
  • Mounted a Wi-Fi extender to his TV antenna.
  • Installed a three-stage water filtration system.
  • Installed a Bluetooth audio system.
  • Installed wiring for a back-up camera (although we still haven’t installed the camera, that’s a job hubby has planned for when we return home).
  • Put two furniture-moving disks under the bed to help it slide without damaging the carpet.
  • Put a collapsible shoe holder, meant to hang in your cupboard, along side the bed where it is out of sight but holds a lot of flip-flops J.
  • Installed an LED light strip under the awning.
  • Placed a side table that we found at a Fred Myers, between our two chairs.
  • Hung a 32 inch 12-volt TV in the bedroom.

Of course with two and a half years of living in Maxx full time he has needed a few repairs and some general upkeep:

  • We gave him two new shoes last summer and will probably replace his other two this summer.
  • Replaced the kitchen faucet because of calcium build-up. We replaced the old faucet with a Moen, which has a life time quarantine … we will see how that works out for us.
  • Replaced the shut-off gate on the black-water tank.
  • Regreased wheel bearings, several times as general maintenance.
  • Replaced the lighting under Maxx’s lower kitchen cabinets and under our stair treads with LED lights.
  • Replaced the shelves in Maxx’s pantry with heavier shelving.
  • Beefed up the drawer under the couch so that it could hold more weight.
  • Replaced the upper and lower bearing blocks on one side of the bedroom slide.

And that’s about it, not bad for living in Maxx full time!

Other than the bedroom slide problem, all our other maintenance has been routine and done when we have had the time. The bedroom slide became an issue as I was putting it in after a weekend camping trip with our daughter and her family. We were at a BC Provincial Park, which has a checkout time of 11:00 a.m. and we certainly didn’t make that! Fortunately it was still early in the season so people weren’t waiting for our site. Hubby and our son-in-law had some struggles trying to get the slide in so that we could get home and at one point we had to send in one of our grandson’s, through a small passage, to unlock the emergency window so that hubby could climb into the bedroom. It took some time, and more than a few choice words, but they got the slide in and we headed back to our daughter’s place, were the slide worked perfectly when we put it back out. Once hubby had the new parts in hand it didn’t take him long to get the slide back in perfect running order.

The other part of the slide story is that we do have an extended warranty and I thought we should just have someone come and fix the slide, but as hubby pointed out, they probably would not have come out to the campsite right away and would most likely want us to bring the unit into the shop so that they could work on it. When you are living in your unit full time it is hard to move out so that someone can work on it, so I am very happy that I am married to someone who is able to fix these problems on his own.

Although we do look at new units and different layouts we have no plans to replace Maxx. He has served us well and we still love our full-time lifestyle J

Until next time …


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