Grand Canyon – Sunset and Sunrise

When we decided that the weather was going to cooperate and we would be able to visit the Grand Canyon we made the decision to stay at the RV Park inside the South Rim. Staying at Trailer Village allowed us to make the quick one mile walk or bike ride to the edge of the canyon and not worry about finding parking or allowing drive time, and I knew that I wanted to see, and photograph, the canyon at different times of the day.

Yesterday’s blog showed daytime pictures of the canyon; today’s blog is all about sunset and sunrise pictures. During our time at the Grand Canyon we never really had the sunset and sunrise I was hoping for but we did enjoy watching them and it gives us something to look forward to on future trips. 🙂

We rode up to the east end of the Rim Trail to take sunset pictures.

Not a great sunset, but the canyon was still pretty.

 It was too cold to ride our bikes up to the canyon for sunrise photos so we drove up to the Visitor Centre.


During our stay in Sedona we drank our morning coffee while watching balloons land, in the Grand Canyon we drank our morning coffee watching the mule deer graze on grass around the RV Park.


We had an adventure packed trip that included many hours and miles walking the canyon, white water rafting and a helicopter ride! Okay only the walking was actually accomplished by us, the rafting and helicopter ride were experienced through the IMAX movie at the visitor center in Tusayan … well worth the $12.50 admittance fee.

Our three days here went fast and only served to wet our appetite for the Grand Canyon, hopefully next year we can get to the North Rim.

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Grand Canyon – Sunset and Sunrise

  1. Hi Maxx. Lovely pictures! On our one and only trip (so far) to the Grand Canyon, we were unable to get a spot at the RV park inside the national park, so we missed the sunrises and sunsets. Thanks for sharing!

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