Broken Arrow Trail

Every morning we enjoy our coffee watching balloons land near us and it never fails to entertain 🙂


It took a little convincing to get hubby to leave the balloons but he finally gave in and we headed off on another hike. Broken Arrow Trail is an easy hike once you get on the correct trail! As we left the parking lot a jeep tour was coming up the road so we moved out of the way to let it pass and in doing that we missed the marker showing were the trail began. We followed the jeep trail for almost three miles before we decided we were going the wrong way, all the while thinking this is a poorly marked hiking trail.


Other than the color of the dirt this looked like a back road in British Columbia.


We eventually decided to turn around and head back to the parking lot because we were not overly impressed with our hike so far. Hubby suggested we take a different jeep trail back to the parking lot and we came across a great lookout.


As we continued on we finally crossed Broken Arrow Trail and found a map. Once we looked at the map we headed off toward Chicken Point. We were once again surrounded by beautiful vistas and stunning red rock.

   This was another great hike even though we added a couple of extra miles to our day!

Until next time …


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