Sedona, AZ

A few years ago my sister and her family made a trip to Sedona, AZ and I was so jealous … Sedona has been on my bucket list for a long time but so far, during our travels south, the weather has not cooperated. This year I had a feeling from the beginning of our trip south that this would be the year, and I told family and friends that we would hit Sedona on our way home, so I was very happy when the weather cooperated!

Driving into Sedona gives you just a small taste of the beauty you are about to encounter!

After taking a drive through the main street of Sedona we stopped at the Visitor Centre to find out the best places to visit and there were many that really appealed to us … we may just have to extend our stay.

Our first stop was the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which was a gift to Sedona from Marguerite Brunswig Staude who was a sculptor and devout Catholic. Staude believed the arts should be in service of spirit and considered the Chapel of the Holy Cross to be her greatest artistic achievement. Building on the Chapel began in April 1955 and took eighteen months to complete at a cost of $300,000, which was only possible due to everyone associated with the project cutting their costs considerably.

Chapel of the Holy Cross is sixty years old but it still has a very modern look and it is an unforgettable sight. As you drive up to the Chapel it looks like the rocks part to embrace the bottom of the cross.

The drive up to the parking lot provides stunning views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Cathedral Rock.



As you walk up to the Chapel you can see a sweeping landscape of red rocks, trees, and beautiful homes.

I think I will convince hubby we need to buy the large house in the middle of this picture when we are ready to settle down again ☺

Inside the Chapel you are greeted by flickering candles, two rows of pews, and a cross in the center of the floor to ceiling windows behind the alter. The Chapel is intimate and simple but truly stunning!


I was disappointed that they no longer held mass at the Chapel but they do hold a prayer meeting on Monday evenings. In the early years there were services held at the Chapel but the small size eventually became inadequate to meet the needs of the Catholic community.

It was hard to leave The Chapel of the Holy Cross but grocery shopping was beckoning us 🙂

Until next time …


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