Fountain of Youth

Hubby’s cousin had told us about the Fountain of Youth many times and it has been on our list of places to visit …. who wouldn’t want to get younger!

After his cousins joined us in Borrego Springs for two nights they were headed to the Fountain of Youth for a three nights so we tagged along. The Fountain of Youth RV Resort is just outside of Niland, CA about an hour south east of Palm Springs, near the Salton Sea.

RV Park with the Chocolate Mountains in the distance.

For centuries there has been hot water hidden beneath the desert but it wasn’t until 1938 that construction workers discovered it. They were looking for a water source to mix concrete for the All American Canal but they found the water was full of minerals or it was too hot to use. To combat these problems they built settling ponds to cool the water and remove the minerals and when the canal was completed they left the pools behind. After WWII another group of construction workers working on Highway 111 discovered the pools and would soak in them after a hard days work. It is said they recognized the therapeutic and healing effects of the artesian mineral water and started spreading the word.

By the late 1950’s people from all over the US came to camp by the pools. A carpenter named Clyde Hays from Grant’s Pass, OR, who worked winters in Brawley, CA convinced a local contractor, J.T. Trily, to add utilities so that an RV Park could be built.

Trily and prospector Fran Domeno spent two years collecting water samples from the area to determine the best place to tap into the hot water. Once they found the spot a well was drilled and it produces 250 gallons a minute of 137 degree water. It is around this well that the Fountain of Youth RV Resort is built.

We chose to dry camp in basically a parking lot near the top of the resort for $19.00 a night (a full service site is $44.00 a night), minus the Good Sam discount. We were parked along the back fence of the resort where it was quiet and the views were pretty.

The Chocolate Mountain range was behind us … hmm I want chocolate 🙂


View of the Salton Sea to the front of us.

Pretty desert flowers.

Until next time …


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