Borrego Springs Wrap Up

Well our time at Borrego Springs has come to an end. What was to be a four night visit stretched into eight nights. Our time camping in the desert on BLM land was so peaceful and relaxing. I love how quiet it was, no hum in Maxx from the electricity running, no lawn mower noise and very little traffic noise. In the distance we could hear mumbled conversations and bird chirping. Several times I was up close and personal with hummingbirds as they flew up to see if I was a plant they could feed off 🙂  We did many hikes, toured the town and spent a day in Palm Desert with hubby’s cousin and family. We even managed to convince hubby’s cousin and his wife to bring their motorhome out and join us for a few nights and it was fun to have the company.

Borrego Springs is a very understated town and completely surrounded by Anza-Borrego State Park, the largest of California’s State Parks. When we first drove through town I thought there was very little here to peak our interest but was I ever wrong! Once you spend some time in town you realize how artfully the town is set up. Everything seems to blend into the landscape, which is why we didn’t notice that there are indeed many resorts and hotels; they just aren’t in your face like most resort towns. We finally found the grocery store, which is located behind some other buildings on the main street, after we saw a small sign directing us to a back parking lot. There are no traffic lights in Borrego Springs and night time lighting is kept to a minimum to protect the views of the night sky.

A local landmark is the traffic roundabout between the airport and downtown, known as Christmas Circle. Every year in October, the community celebrates with the Borrego Days Desert Festival at Christmas Circle. After some research I found out that Christmas Circle was named in honor of the birth of Salvador Ignacio Linares in Coyote Canyon on Christmas Eve in 1775. You can park anywhere along the circle and access strong free Wi-Fi or you can sit at one of the many picnic tables under the shade of numerous trees.

We still have many hikes we want to do in this area so I have absolutely no doubt we will be back again to enjoy some more peaceful time camped in the desert 🙂

Until next time …


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