Hiking The Slot

One of the main reasons we came to Borrego Springs was to do some hiking and Slot Canyon was on the top of our list so at 8:00 a.m. in the morning we headed out to the trail head located at 33.182132, -116.214176 (33° 10′ 55.67″N 116° 12′ 51.03″W).

It was a very pretty drive to the trailhead.

Only the beginning of the trail is marked. You will see a small sign at the bottom of a steep hill.

In order to get to The Slot, walk to the top of the hill in the above picture and turn left and descend into the trench. The trail is steep, but not nearly as steep as it looks, it drops less than fifty feet and isn’t hard to navigate.

At the bottom of the trench turn left and enter The Slot.

This was a much easier hike than the slots we hiked through when we did the Calcite Mine hike but you do need to squeeze through some areas that are shoulder width apart or less in some places.


As you reach the end of The Slot a scepter-shaped block appears above.

Shortly after you come out of The Slot the trail joins a jeep road.

At this point you have a choice, you can either head back into The Slot and make you way back to the parking lot, or you can walk down the jeep road and loop back to the parking lot. Did I mention I’m claustrophobic? I really enjoyed hiking The Slot and am happy I did it but if I didn’t have to go back through it I was okay with that, although I would have gone back if that was the only way back to the truck. Since we had an alternative we decided to take the jeep road.   The instructions we had said you follow the jeep road to a junction, and turn left to loop back to the start, adding over a mile to the hike. Hmm that doesn’t sound bad … well the instructions didn’t mention that you had to climb straight up a very sandy 300-foot hill. For every step we took, we slid three steps back and I would say it added two miles to the hike, but other than the hill it was a nice hike. If you only wanted to go one way through The Slot I would take the road off the parking lot and slide down the hill, turn right and hike along the jeep road to The Slot and then make your way back up to the parking lot.


View from the top of The Slot.

We walk about five miles because we made a wrong turn at the beginning of our hike, but it was very pretty and we enjoyed ourselves.

If you can look back and see the parking lot you turned the wrong way 😦

Until next time …


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