While we were touring the sculptures the other day we could tell a change in weather was coming and with it came the wind! We had some rain overnight, hopefully enough to bring all the cactus out in bloom, but the wind was unbelievable! The worst we have ever encountered and both hubby and I were awaken by it around two in the morning and never did fall back asleep. At 5:30 we were both sitting up in bed enjoying our morning coffee and watching the skies start to lighten. By 6:00 the sun began rise and light up the clouds in the sky. I thought I would post my picture version of the sunrise for our family at home who rarely get to see a sunrise like this.


I love how sunrises start off light and muted and then the colors deepen and get more vibrant.
  2016-02-18 -009- Borrego Springs Sunrise

This is were the shark started to move in, at least that’s what I think the cloud formation looks like

And now the shark is ready to chomp on Maxx!


But have no fear the sun rose high, the pinks, reds, and orange’s left the sky and the shark went back to just being a cloud … Maxx is safe and I was able to get out of the wind, crawl back in bed and enjoy my coffee 🙂

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Amazing pictures S!!!! WoW!! Thanks for posting! We’ve gotten some good ones down south too but yours wins! Definitely a shark! I’ve been readying all your posts but haven’t been able to keep up with commenting! I loved all the sculptures – I have to go back and look at them. I didn’t know they were there ….. we were last in BS in 2006. Would be great to show them to Cassia one day – not sure when we’ll be back though! I totally agree with you about getting back on the road after being in one place for awhile – but look – you’ve found some great moments! The sun is shining here today! T

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