The Town of Borrego Springs, CA

The Town of Borrego Springs, CA

Borrego Springs is actually a very small town, but very pretty. There are two gas stations, no fast food restaurants, no large grocery stores, and a shopping centre called “The Mall” with a few restaurants and some fun stores. The Mall also houses the town library where we spend some time each day using the free Wi-Fi.

View from the parking lot of The Mall.

Around 1875 the first cattlemen began homesteading the Borrego Valley. The first successful well was dug in 1926, and that quickly led to irrigation for farming. By 1926 the town contained a post office, a small general store, and a gas station.

The presence of both the Army and the Navy during World War II brought the first paved roads and electricity to Borrego Springs. After the war, developers subdivided the area, and attempted to create a resort community by capitalizing on the tourism generated by the state park. There is a beautiful golf course and RV park but other than that we didn’t see any hotels however when I looked at a book we picked up at the Chamber there are many resorts listed.

I read that the town Borrego Springs was never incorporated so it has no mayor or other form of municipal government. We did see a Chamber of Commerce in town but it was closed.

Flowers on the tree in front of the Chamber of Commerce.

And a mere 7 miles from this pretty little town is a great place to camp with beautiful desert views and all for the grand total of $0 per night … it doesn’t get better than that J

It will be hard to leave this view! It is so peaceful here and yet there are lots of campers close by so there is always someone to chat with when the mood strikes you.

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