Borrego Springs, CA

Yesterday we said our goodbyes to friends in Yuma and head back out on the road. Our travels to Borrego Springs took us over familiar roads as we traveled this road two years ago on our return to Canada. Once again I forgot we were traveling into California and had the fridge full of vegetables … when will I ever learn! Fortunately all our veggies were okay, we dodged a bullet there 🙂 After our travels through the sand dunes, we traveled through farms of carrots, onions and corn and drove by the carrot filling station loading semi’s. That was fun to see.  We were even treated to what we think were the Blue Angels practicing formation flying. I was so busy watching that I forgot to take pictures. We enjoyed a good twenty miles of travel beside the Salton Sea which at one time was prime real estate, but now the Salton Sea is so full of salt and industrial waste the water has become very toxic. It was still a pretty drive with fields of vegetables and palm trees between the highway and the water. When we reached the border patrol station on Highway 86 there was over a half-mile line of traffic waiting to go through, we have never seen the line that long! The truck in front of us, with California plates, had a good check over but we barely received a look and were waved right through. Hubby always opens his window and the rear window when we pull up to the agent and we remove our sunglasses so perhaps that, along with our BC license plates, makes us look non-threatening 🙂 At the city of Salton Sea we made a left and headed up Borrego Salton Sea Road also know as S22. The first two miles were terrible and the damage was quick to greet me when I opened the door to Maxx but after I cleaned up (spice jars everywhere, an eight frame picture frame came down off the wall, hats fell off the cupboard, the contents of all the cupboards and the fridge were so excited to see me they jumped out into my waiting arms) the only damage done was a broken champagne glass! Not a single piece of glass broke when the picture frame fell and that dropped a long way. Once we got past the first two miles the road was fine and very scenic.


About two miles up Borrego Salton Sea Road when we finally stopped jostling around and I could finally take a picture!


We are now comfortably set up just off Rockhouse Trail and looking forward to our four nights here.  Until next time …


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