Moving On

Our three months in Yuma are coming to an end and we have spent the last week preparing for our departure on Tuesday. This is the longest period of time Maxx has been parked in one spot and it will be hard to get back into the routine of packing up and moving on a regular basis again. It’s a good thing I have a checklist for packing Maxx up because I think I have forgotten a lot of the little things we do to prepare him for safe travels.

Last Tuesday we made our final trip to Algodones to stock up on allergy medication and a few other small purchases. We were in and out quick as it was busy and we wanted to get out before the line at the border got any longer. On our way back to the RV Park we stopped downtown for our last lunch at Lutes Casino. After another great lunch we checked out the tents lining the street for the farmers market. The only thing we purchased was a cauliflower and five lemons for a grand total of $2.50. At the price of cauliflower these days I was really please with that deal!

Thursday we went out to an RV park in the foothills of Yuma to have lunch with some friends. Friday we attended our final egg game … no winnings this time but I think we are still ahead overall 🙂  We have enjoyed our time at the egg game visiting with people we have met during our three years in Yuma and making new friends. There’s just something so special about the people we meet during our travels south, everyone is so friendly and it doesn’t matter where you are camped, people come together and form an instant community.

The rest of our time this week has been spent preparing Maxx to head out on the road and meeting up with friends for happy hours and final goodbyes.

The weather this past week has been awesome, highs of 32C, 90F, with a nice warm wind. In the period of a week our evening routine has changed from warming up in the hot tub before bed to cooling down in the pool before bed. We will miss our time at Cocopah RV Resort but we are also looking forward to heading out on new adventures.

I will leave you with some interesting information I read on our local on-line newspaper from home. Drivers and cyclists are not required to yield to a pedestrian until the pedestrian physically occupies the crosswalk. That means stepping off the sidewalk, and onto the road.” This information was from an article written by a police officer who said that early in his career he wrote a traffic ticket to a driver for failing to yield to a pedestrian waiting patiently on the sidewalk for her turn to cross. He said his ticket was dismissed, as the driver was not required to yield until the pedestrian stepped into the crosswalk. I’m not sure if this law is the same anywhere other than British Columbia but I suspect it could be. I just can’t imagine telling my young grandchildren that they have to step into the crosswalk in order to get cars to stop. Hopefully most drivers are like me and think they are required to stop when they see a pedestrian waiting on the sidewalk to cross.

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Yahoo for the timing of the hot weather for us! We had a great stay in the Phoenix area … would love to spend more time there. Safe and happy travels for the rest of your trip. Miss you at the Tuesday “meetings” 🙂

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  2. Hate to tell you, but the reason you got such a great deal on that cauliflower is because.. . it’s an iceberg lettuce !! (according to the packaging) 😉
    Safe travels.

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