I know I shouldn’t complain about the weather in Yuma because it is definitely better than the weather at home but I am done with the wind!

Over the past three years many people have told us that they don’t like Yuma because of the wind and hubby and I have always been surprised because we have never found Yuma that windy. It has its windy days but sometimes that is a welcome relief from the heat. This year however, the wind has been a constant and I’m really getting tired of it!

Fortunately the wind and cooler temperatures are not the norm for Yuma and I really shouldn’t complain since this weather is not isolated to Yuma. When I check the temperatures of other southern California and Arizona cities they are all around the same as Yuma and most of the time Yuma is a little warmer.

According to NOAA — the U.S. government’s weather service — Yuma’s wind averages 7.8 mph annually, which is well below the U.S. average. The wind certainly doesn’t stop the golfers and people are still out walking around the park, but the last week has found hubby and I tucked inside Maxx catching up on TV shows and movies.

The wind is blowing the golfer’s jackets and the palm trees. I have not idea how you can golf in these winds but it doesn’t stop them!

At least we aren’t at home shoveling snow and the forecast is for temperatures in the high 20’sC, mid 80’sF in the coming days … fingers crossed that the wind settles down 🙂

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Enough!!

  1. Hi Maxx. It sounds like the wind is driving you mad….MadMaxx! Here in Tucson, it has definitely been cooler than average, but it hasn’t seemed too windy this year. But you are right….we really can’t complain!

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    • Yup we are Mad Maxx again today as the wind is blowing strong, but at least the wind is getting warmer each day. I’m glad to hear the wind hasn’t been bad in Tucson, we are heading there in a few weeks. Enjoy the warmer days to come 🙂


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