Farley’s Market

Hubby and I have anxiously been awaiting the opening of Farley’s Market in Yuma. As we have watched the progress on the building we noticed a lot of similarities to Costco and since Yuma doesn’t have a Costco we were hoping this would be a smaller version.

When we first arrived in Yuma three years ago we ended up buying a membership to Sam’s Club so that we purchase all the items we usually go to Costco for. For those of you in Canada who may be unfamiliar with Sam’s Club it is the Walmart version of Costco. They carry the same items but different brands, have a food counter similar to Costco, and even have the same layout.

I have often been asked why I would need to purchase items at Sam’s Club or Costco when I have limited space in an RV. Well the answer to that is, I eat a lot of vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, celery, etc. and it is much cheaper to buy them at a warehouse store and I have found the quality much better. I also find meat better and cheaper at these two warehouse stores … not to mention liquor is also much cheaper. Hubby enjoys wandering through the electronics and I like wandering through the clothes, and we both enjoy the seasonal department.

Since the closest Costco to Yuma is in El Centro, California, over an hour away we decided to purchase a $45.00 membership to Sam’s Club our first year here. This membership also gives us access to cheap fuel and we think that alone pays for our annual membership over the year.

So back to Farley’s Market. They had their grand opening last week so a few days ago hubby and I made a visit. Farley’s Market targets communities that are a bit too small to get their own Costco. For years Costco has been on the top of the Yuma Sun’s annual Christmas wish list for wanted stores so it was good news that Farley’s Market was opening in town.


The idea behind the market, which was launched two years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona, is to create a database of Costco products. Customers do their shopping online, then stop by a local Farley’s Market store to pick up their purchases. The Yuma store has a different twist as it’s location also features an actual retail shopping store not just a pick-up location.

Hubby and I were hoping that our Costco membership would be all we would need to shop at Farley’s Market but that isn’t the case. If you have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club you can purchase a membership to Farley’s Market for $9.95 a year. If you don’t have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club a membership to Farley’s Market will cost you $29.95 a year. Our thought was that perhaps we could let our Sam’s Club membership go, continue with our Costco membership which we use at home, and then purchase the $9.95 Farley’s Market membership to save ourselves some money. A quick walk through the store proved that wasn’t going to happen. The store had limited vegetables, no electronics or clothes, no liquor, and only a few seasonal items. Perhaps if we wanted to order off the website and wait a few days to pick our items up at the store a membership would work but that’s not the way we shop.

I wish Farley’s Market well but I don’t see it being a very busy store … but my sister and I said that about a flip-flop store in our local mall at home and it is still running strong after five years!

Until next time …


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