Yuma Date Festival

After my morning of gardening yesterday we met friends for lunch and then wandered around Main Street in Yuma during the Yuma Date Festival. There was no shortage of people interested in dates and it was hard to get near any of the stalls. That really didn’t bother hubby and I as neither one of us really likes dates, but it was interesting to see some of the equipment used for harvesting.

The day wasn’t all about dates; there was entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and a huge play castle for children. We also saw many booths from a variety of different educational institutions and numerous food venders, but the main focus was on the noble Date and its historic links with the City of Yuma.  There are more Medjool Dates grown in and around Yuma than anywhere else in the USA.

After we finished wandering around the festival hubby and I spent some time walking through some RV’s that were on display in the Yuma Palms area. Other than a big bus for $416,000 USD nothing really inspired us to trade Maxx in 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Yuma Date Festival

  1. Mmmmmm…… dates. I wasn’t much of a fan either until we stop in Dateland in 2006 for our very first date shake – we were instant converts. Now we always have them in the house – not for eating by themselves but they are great in oatmeal, energy bars, bran muffins and smoothies. Lots of good fibre. 🙂

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