Gardening In January!

Does life get any better? And before everyone from home writes me, yes I know it’s -2C (28.4F) but I also heard it was sunny so things aren’t all bad. Remember you are always welcome to come visit us, or join us on our travels 🙂

When we first arrived in Yuma hubby and I purchased two bougainvillea for either side of the golf screen in front of Maxx. They were in full bloom and looked very pretty but I felt we also needed some plants on our little patio so I purchased a bougainvillea shrub that was also in full bloom, along with a small container of various flowering plants. We really enjoyed the pretty flowers and were very happy with our purchases. When we were home for three weeks over Christmas Yuma received some cold temperatures, some major rain, and some very windy days. This weather took a real toll on the bougainvillea despite the tender loving care they received from our kind neighbours from Vernon. I was pretty sad, but hubby was happy since he didn’t want to cart them around when we begin travelling again next month.

Fast forward to today, which has dawned very sunny (the norm) and the temps are going to hit 84F (29C). Hmm, what to do? Well we do have some plans for the afternoon but I was killing time waiting for hubby so I went out to water the plants and I noticed the bougainvillea’s have tons of new buds on them.

Just one of many new blooms on our three bougainvillea plants.

So out I go with my gardening gloves and my pruning sheers and once I cut off the dead stuff the plants actually look pretty good. I think they will definitely be along for the travels.

I’m sure you can picture the look on hubby’s face when I shared that news with him!

Yes gardening in January is a chore I can handle 🙂

One of the flowers from my multi flower container, which had no trouble with the weather and has continually bloomed since we first purchased it in November.

Until next time …

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