It’s only noon and hubby and I have already had two wow moments today 🙂

The first was when we filled up our thirty-pound propane tank for $10.68 ($1.39 a gallon)! At home the cheapest we have ever paid to fill up the tank is around $27.00.

The second wow came when hubby suggested we visit the new Walmart Neighborhood Market across the street from where we fill up our propane tanks.

Every staff member we met was pleasant and had a friendly greeting and the store is immaculate but I would expect that since it just opened. Having never visited a Neighborhood Market we didn’t know what they would have but suspected it would be a mini Walmart. It turns out they are a grocery store only but very well stocked and unlike most full size Walmart’s I have visited they actually had very nice produce. Hubby and I are both very happy that this store has opened as it is fairly close to our RV Park and very handy to visit when we just need a few groceries.

Now we are off to lunch with our friends from Wisconsin.

Until next time …


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