Maxx’s Buddy Has A Bath

I think the title of today’s blog sounds like a title of a children’s story book which is probably appropriate since I’m sure this blog is only a big deal to hubby and I and we are filled with childish delight over how well Maxx’s buddy looks after his bath 🙂

Maxx’s Buddy, aka our truck which hubby affectionately calls Black Beauty, was long overdue for a bath. When we were at the Nascar race in Phoenix we were treated to a torrential downpour on race Sunday and by the time we left the dirt parking lot it was a muddy mess, which meant Black Beauty was a muddy mess. We had planned on giving the truck a bath once we reached Yuma but somehow never had the time because it’s not as simple as just washing the truck. The water in Yuma is so bad that we have to wash a small portion of the truck and then dry it to avoid water spots, so it takes a long time to wash the entire truck. When mid December rolled around and we had time to wash the truck we decided we were only a few days away from heading home for Christmas and there was no point in spending hours washing it when it was going to sit at the Phoenix airport for three weeks.

That brings us to mid January and we can’t put off washing the truck any longer but fortunately for us our friends took their truck in to be detailed and the results were amazing! Last spring when we arrived back home I looked into having our truck detailed as the upholstery and carpets needed to be cleaned but the big chains wanted over $300.00 and have never done a job that impressed me when I just had the outside cleaned. I also looked into a few smaller companies with very impressive reviews but they were booked up through October and wanted at least $350.00, so I was pretty excited about taking our truck in to All Star Detailing to have it thoroughly cleaned but it took a little convincing to get hubby to agree. He is pretty particular about his truck and, other than when I sneak it in to a place at home to have it washed and waxed, he has never allowed anyone to touch his truck. It took a little doing but I finally convinced him, plus he had seen the results personally, so last Wednesday while we were in Quartzsite, Maxx’s little buddy received a full detail and hubby is very pleased with the results!



I think this is what impressed hubby the most!



We cannot say enough about the amazing job and the professionalism of All Star Detailing, and this fantastic job only cost us $150.00! Even with the exchange rate that is a lot less than we would have paid at home.

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Maxx’s Buddy Has A Bath

    • Oh yes you have because you are the one who picks me up when I drop off Black Beauty, and boy do we have fun while he is getting cleaned 😊 Yes we will definitely have all our detailing done here instead of at home in the future!


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