We Joined A Yacht Club!

Our hometown has a beautiful Yacht Club on the shores of Okanagan Lake and we did briefly consider becoming members. We don’t own a boat but we thought an associate membership might be nice so that we could use the facilities and have somewhere to take out of town guest. After thinking about this for a few months we decided we just wouldn’t get the use out of our membership and it would be pretty costly. Fortunately for us we have friends who are members and they can usually be talked into letting us join them for a meal.

So yesterday when we were in Quartzsite our friends, who are Yacht Club members at home, suggested we go to the Quartzsite Yacht Club for lunch. Quartzsite has a Yacht Club? It’s in the middle of the desert; there is no water there! But yes folks it does have a Yacht Club and like most Yacht Clubs they will allow members of other Yacht Clubs to use their facilities.

In 1970 Al Madden noticed a local beer bar called The Jigsaw that was up for sale. It was a little building made out of concrete blocks and was very unappealing, but Al saw something in the building and decided to buy it with some help from his sons and other family members.

Now apparently Al had a sense of humour and an active imagination so he decided to call his new purchase “The Yacht Club” with the motto “Long time no sea”. Al also decided to sell memberships to his Yacht Club to those that qualified and back in 1970 if you had $10.00 you qualified. Today a membership costs $30.00 and it included a hat and T-shirt with the Yacht Club logo. Membership has risen to almost 10,000 members from every state in the United States and from countries all over the world. Some members have used their membership cards to get into exclusive yacht clubs all over the world.

In 1995 an electrical malfunction burned the Yacht Club to the ground and rebuilding it took a toll on Al. Just as the new Yacht Club was to open Al’s health took a turn and within a year he passed away.

On the back of the menu it says “Who knows, if an earthquake ever sends California into the ocean one day, the Yacht Club could end up as beach front property!”



I downloaded the above image from the internet because I forgot to take one, but the next time we go to “our” yacht club I will get my own picture 🙂

We have no idea if our Yacht Club membership will provide us access to other Yacht Clubs but it does give us a 15% discount on our meals and a 50% discount on our meals every Wednesday … and we can officially say we are members of a Yacht Club!

Until next time …

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