Not So Good Beer :-(

First off it amazes me that I have blogged so much about beer since I’m not really a fan, but hubby is, so when he wants to go tasting I go along and I usually find a beer that I don’t mind. I have been going on about the Sonoran White Chocolate beer that I truly fell in love with when we first tasted in back in November. My first taste was part of hubby’s flight and that led me to order a pint, which if you read my Best Beer Ever blog you may remember was only a partial glass as I finished the keg. At the time I asked the bartender if they sold it in bottles at liquor stores and he said they did but that it wasn’t as good as the draft.

I have searched for my favorite beer in stores ever since because I would really like to take some home with me, and I finally found it a few days ago … the topic of another blog 😉

Last night I had a chance to open my first bottle and it really wasn’t that good … it was a big disappointment! It did not smell the same, the taste was not the same, and the after taste was not the same.

So the moral of this blog is … trust the bartender! For those of you at home, like the famous Seinfeld line “No soup for you!” there will be no Sonoran White Chocolate Beer for you 😦

Teresa we will just have to share a bottle of another beer the next time we are out at Fintry!

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Not So Good Beer :-(

  1. I too am not a beer lover or liker but I sure enjoy hearing about beer and all your adventures in the blog–keep it up!! I need my other blogger to get going!!


  2. NO WAY! I have never heard of that before! Wonder why it is so different?! How sad is that! I’ll have to wait until we get down there to try it on tap. Sheesh. Oh well! We’ve got good craft beer here too! Not a beer drinker! Yikes! 😉

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