While we were at home enjoying the white fluffy stuff Yuma was getting RAIN and lots of it! Now we have heard that this happens but have never been here to witness it but we sure did see evidence of it when we returned.

This is normally smooth dry earth but you can see how the equipment chewed it up.

Normally the harvesting equipment would run along the dry dirt but the fields have deep ruts from when they harvested during the rain. We were told that one truck got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out!

Our first day back was warm and sunny and it felt good after all the snow we had over Christmas, but for the most part Yuma has been sunny and a little chilly. The temperatures have been in the low 60’sF, 16C but the sun has been out and as long as you are standing in the sun, it is warm. The mornings however have been chilly, between 37F, 3C and 42F, 6C most days.

Which has led to these morning conversations:

Me: It’s 7:00 a.m. we should head out for our walk.

Hubby: It’s too cold, we should stay under the covers for another hour.

Me: It’s 8:00 a.m. we really need to go for our walk.

Hubby: It’s way too cold, we should skip our walk today.

Actually these conversations never happened, I only had them with myself in my head because it has been too cold and I was afraid there was a small chance that hubby would get up and we would have to go for a walk!

Today the weather has definitely warmed up and the forecast shows even warmer temperatures in the days ahead 🙂  Now there are no more excuses, time to get back to our morning walks!

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Rain

  1. We’ve been near Yuma with temps like that…… so kinda like here but we have the snow – again. Snowing pretty good right now. I’m not up for the walk but Cas and Derek love it and are out there again now!

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