Tonight is the egg game, which brought up the question “What should we do for an appy?” Just before Christmas I found a recipe for Pull Apart Pizza Bread that sounded interesting and because I am still in the “Eat Everything In Sight” mentality from Christmas I decided I should make it. This meant a trip to the grocery store before meeting up with friends at lunch. After trips to three grocery stores I found everything except fresh basil, every store was out … what is everyone making that they need fresh basil? Since it was time to meet up with our friends I decided to forgo the fresh basil and used dry but as we were eating lunch I received a text from our egg game friends saying they were bringing an appy. That meant I had more time to find fresh basil and also that we had time after lunch to run a few more errands because I didn’t have to go home and make my bread. One of our stops took us to Bed Bath and Beyond where I found my first score. My BaByliss blow dryer, which I love and have had for almost seven years, is starting to show it’s age and will soon need to be replaced. I was surprised to see that Bed Bath and Beyond carries them so I stopped to check out the price. I think the price is comparable to what I would pay at home so I decided to wait rather than pay an extra 30% because of the exchange, but I did come across a BaByliss travel blow dryer.

7” long by 14” wide with the defuser on!

It is so tiny and so cute (yes I like cute when blow drying my hair) and I think it works just as well as my full size one. I just had to buy this item for my suitcase when we fly places but I think I will try it out for a while and if it works as well as I think it will, I will use it instead of buying a new full size blow dryer. When you live in a small space you need small things 🙂

My second score came when we stopped to fill up one of our propane tanks. Normally I wait in the truck while hubby does this chore but today I decided to go in the store and see if they carried the Sonoran White Chocolate Ale that I have fallen in love with. I search the shelves thoroughly but could not find it. As I was waiting at the counter to pay for the propane fill I asked the clerk if they carried it and to my surprise they did! It was on the bottom corner of the cooler and I had to fight to get it out but I won and am now the proud owner of six bottles!!!

Yummy, yummy 🙂

Can the day get any better? Let’s hope the egg game proves profitable tonight 🙂

PS … Ingrid I did not win the 1.6B on the Power Ball but I did win $4.00 so I doubled my money, and yes I reinvested it so there is still hope I will win $40M!

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Major score! So I’m just going to go ahed and be real forward and ask if you could PLEASE bring me back a bottle – two – of the Sonoran White Chocolate! I’ll dream about it until then! I know it is asking a lot because you can only bring so much home with you!

    Have you guys been to Tucson yet to the craft breweries there? They have quite the collection. We’re thinking of heading back there, Bisbee and Terlingua next year – fingers crossed the dollar improves.

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    • Well gee Teresa I might just have to try and save a few bottles and plan a camping trip at Fintry … we can enjoy them together 😊 I plan on stocking up when we leave Yuma but we still have about six weeks of travel after that so I can’t promise they will get home.

      Our “Jello Solid” plans have us maybe going through Tucson, now that you have told us about the craft breweries we may have to really try and get there!

      And yes, let’s really pray the dollar gets better!


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