Margaritas and Beer

Algodones Coffee Shop

Yesterday started off with a trip to Algodones so that Chauffeur of Driving Miss Murphy could go to the dentist. Since we had an hour to kill Navigator of Driving Miss Murphy and I had a pedicure while hubby wandered around looking for a new wallet. After our pedicure hubby showed us a nice coffee shop that he had found.

While the coffee shop was nice, we decided margaritas would be more fun so we headed off to El Paraiso to meet up with Chauffeur. It was a little early for lunch so we enjoyed a margarita and the sunshine before heading back to Yuma. We decided to go to Prison Hill Brewing Company for lunch and it turned out to be a good decision 🙂

Prison Hill Brewing Company opened in August 2014 and is the only craft brewery for 165 miles in any direction from Yuma.

Hubby tried a flight of beer and thought they were all tasty but he fell back on his old favorite and ordered a pint of Hefeweizen. I had a Pineapple Cider that was really good.

I like they way the present their flights!

The food was also tasty and I had the chance to try poutine for the very first time, which is really strange since Poutine is a Canadian dish!

This poutine is made a little differently than our poutine in Canada but it was still tasty.


Big sandwiches!

Poutine originated in Quebec, Canada and is made with French fries topped with cheese curd and light brown gravy. Poutine is a very common dish across Canada and I’m not sure why I have never tried it, probably because of all the calories, but now that I have tried it I will definitely have it again when we get home!

Until next time …


One thought on “Margaritas and Beer

  1. Another good flight idea – we haven’t seen that set up before either! First Poutine! No way! Worth the calories for sure! There is a poutine place in downtown Kelowna – we’ve only been once but it was pretty good!


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