Off To The Races

I have to say there are some pretty creative minds at this RV Park, they have not only come up with a great Egg Game but they also have the Cocopah Horse Races. Last night we attended the horse races with our friends and a bunch of their happy hour group, and we had so much fun!

The event is held in the Ballroom and started with happy hour followed by a potluck dinner. Each table arranges their own potluck contributions but once everyone has eaten the tables are opened up for grazing. Grazing allows you to check out all the food tables in the ballroom and try out different items. Hubby and I were both full after eating our first plate so we didn’t participate in the grazing, but a lot of people did and there was some appetizing dishes.

After dinner the six horses and their jockey’s were introduced. If you are expecting real horses give your head a shake, this event was held in the ballroom 🙂  The jockey’s all dress up and ride stick horses which you probably rode when you were a child.

Once the jockeys and horses were introduced the betting windows were opened for the first race and the minimum bet is $1.00. I bet $3.00 on the horse Jack Daniels because both our son’s like drinking Jack Daniels so that seem like a good reason to me. Hubby bet on Silver ridden by Lone Ranger. Once the bets were closed the horses lined up on stage and the race began.

One of the event organizers roles a dice and the horse that corresponds to the number on the dice moves forward one spot. The dice continue to roll until one of the horses reaches the finish line. Part way through the race the odds are announced, and no I don’t have any idea how they come up with the odds.

There are three races and it is very entertaining with everyone cheering on their horses, but I think race two was the most entertaining because I won! And in Race Two Jack Daniels had 8 to 1 odds, so with my $3.00 bet I walked away with $24.00 🙂  Hubby, sadly, didn’t win any of his races but we ended the evening with $6.00 more than we started so we were pretty happy.

We are actually doing very well in the winning department at Cocopah. Aside from the $6.00 win at the horse races, between the two of us we have won $160.00 at the egg game and after deducting the cost of tickets and beer, overall we are ahead $106.00. And that is $106.00 USD!!!

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