A Busy Three Weeks :-)

Over the past three weeks we have had a wonderful time with our family and friends and have kept very busy.

In previous blogs I filled you in on our activities up until Christmas so I will start this blog at Boxing Day. December 26th saw the start of the World Junior Hockey Tournament. I was excited to be home and able to watch Team Canada win the gold, but alas that didn’t happen 😦 Unfortunately Team Canada didn’t gel that well and on January 2nd they played their final game of the tournament … but next year the tournament is in Canada so I am focusing on the thought that they will win a gold metal then!

The week after Christmas was spent hanging out with our grandchildren while their parents were at work. We had so much fun watching movies and playing with Lego.

New Years Eve was spent with old friends, well they are actually younger than us, but we have been friends for thirty years so I think that qualifies as “old”.

Welcoming Party … they were not the least bit concerned that we had stopped the car and turned on the high beams to take their picture. Once they had a look at us the deer turned back to the job of eating 🙂

New Years Day we enjoyed a quiet day at the condo, which a very dear friend lets us use while we are home, and enjoyed an awesome Sirloin Tip Roast dinner. On January 2nd we had dinner with another couple that we have been friends with for almost thirty-four years and then we attended a game of our local Western Hockey League Team. They played a team from Victoria and after a hard fought battle won by one point.

January 3 was the beginning of my birthday week; this is a tradition I managed to start many years ago when our three children were young. If I wanted them to do something I would say “It’s my birthday in a few days, you could do it for me.” This worked so well that I truly have exploited it over the years and extended my birthday into a week long event 🙂  So my birthday week started off with breakfast out and Sunday dinner at our daughter’s house were I was treated to birthday cake and an awesome birthday present.

Monday both hubby and I had dentist appointments, which seemed like a good plan when I scheduled them last summer, but truly I could have thought of lot’s more things I would have rather done on Monday! I know that a routine dentist appointment wouldn’t normally be a whole day event but I had an old filling that needed to be replaced and that required freezing. Freezing knocks me out for three to four hours so that pretty well took up the rest of the day.

Tuesday we joined our “friends” coffee group in the morning, had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, picked the grandkids up from school and hung out with them until their parents got home from work.

Wednesday, which was my actual birthday, we joined my “work” coffee group in the morning and then I had my hair done while hubby did stuff (really not sure what that was) and then we had my birthday dinner with our daughter and son-in-law, and two other couples … have I mentioned I like celebrating my birthday? I was very happy to be at home and celebrate my birthday with family and “old” friends and we had a great time with lots of laughs!

Thursday I had coffee with another friend and then my sister and I had a shopping day.  After shopping hubby and I hung out with our daughter’s four children again until she got home from work.

Friday hubby and our son-in-law changed the brakes on their van, we did our final running around, had lunch with our daughter, picked the grandkids up from school and hung out with them until their parents got home from work.  Although there are four of them, they are pretty easy to look after and a lot of fun to hang out with!

That brings us to today … we are now packing up and will shortly head to the airport for our return to Yuma and warmer weather.

Our three weeks at home have been so much fun and extremely busy. My wish for snow was met big time and I really have enjoyed the smell of the crisp fresh cool air, but we are looking forward to going back to our winter travels and warmer temperatures. When we return to Yuma we will begin to make “Jello Solid” plans for our trip across Canada and down the Eastern Seaboard next fall and winter.

Sun and margaritas here we come! …

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “A Busy Three Weeks :-)

  1. I’m with you, a short time frolicking in the snow around the holidays is perfect and then it’s time for flip-flop weather. Glad you had a great time with family and friends. Happy belated B-day.


  2. It was so nice to see you guys while you were home. Just want to let you know that it is warming up now and all the &^%*#@ snow that you requested is melting. Hooray for us left in the cold northern climate. Enjoy your sunshine and cool drinks while we keep up with the hot wine and rum. Cheers!!!!!


    • I have to admit I did think it was funny how all the snow started to melt as we were leaving:-) I had a very enjoyable day today in shorts and flip flops enjoying the sun. It is still a little cool later in the day but it reminded me of that first warm sunny day in spring when you get outside to do all the yard work and as the sun starts to go down you enjoy a gin and tonic and BBQ steaks outside. And of course, as you know my track record, I would sit outside on the deck in amazement that it wasn’t raining while hubby was BBQing 😊 The days down here are getting warmer so it should be nice when you guys arrive in Phoenix.


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