2015 Blog Facts

Once again WordPress has provided me with a report about my blog activity over the past year and I thought I would share it with you.

They started off their report with this interesting fact “A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,700 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.”

I uploaded 730 pictures, 113 more than last year, but this year I only used a total of 433 MB compared to the 617 MB used last year. Once again that works out to about 2 pictures per day and is still only a fraction of the pictures I took and tried to bore my family with when we returned home. And once again my family was not interested in sitting through hours of pictures, I suspect this fact will never change!

During 2015 my busiest day of the year was June 21st with 166 views, which was up from my busiest day last year with 68 views. The most popular post on June 21st was Fintry Provincial Park, which I had written a few days earlier.

It was during our stay at Fintry that we met Teresa Wood, one of the park operators, and the author of A Life Made Simple and I have enjoyed following her blog ever since 🙂

In 2015, there were 148 new posts, down from the 155 in 2014, but growing the total archive of my blog to 349 posts.

My goal last year was to beat my 2014 posting steak of 20 days in a row and I did that with a posting streak of 54 days in row between 6 February 2015 and 31 March 2015. I am pretty sure I won’t beat that streak this year!

In 2014 I posted the most blogs on Thursdays, in 2015 I posted the most blogs on Mondays, with 25 posts being made on that day of the week.

This year my followers come from a total of 54 countries, up considerably from the 9 countries in 2014!   Once again most of my followers are from Canada, which makes sense since that is where our family is from. Also like 2014 the United States was not far behind but unlike 2014 where Costa Rica was also pretty close to the US in 2015 Germany followed close to the US. I do know people in Costa Rica but I don’t know anybody in Germany, maybe I will have to change that 🙂

The following posts had the most views in 2015.

Welcome to Maxx Trails

Tombstone, Arizona

Arlington Lake, BC

Yuma Territorial Prison

Fintry Provincial Park

This year my report contained some new information that I found very interesting … My top referring sites were:




A big thank you to all that comment on or “like” my blog, that means a lot to me. My top commenters where:

Six Saturdays and a Sunday – We have a lot in common since we come from the same area of BC and I love following their blog and hearing about all the awesome hikes they do!

Live, Laugh RV – Hubby and I were very fortunate to have our first blog date with Ingrid and Al when we were in Phoenix this year. It was so much fun and great to meet a fellow blogger!

A Life Made Simple – As I mentioned above we met Teresa when we were at Fintry Provincial Park last summer. We have enjoyed following Teresa’s blog as they spend their first winter in many years back in the snow instead of on the beaches in Mexico.

And the last two of my top five commenters are our good friend Delma and my sister … it is always great to hear from home!

Thanks to all of my followers for your interest in 2015, I hope I can continue to keep you interested during 2016 🙂

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “2015 Blog Facts

  1. Hey that’s pretty neat S! I don’t think blogger does a summary like that – or I’ve never really checked. I did follow the stats but don’t so much anymore! hitchupandgo seems to be a main source for us also!

    Nice to see Fintry as a popular post but of course I am very biased on that! I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since also! Love all the pics and of course I can truly appreciate others that go in for a craft beer!

    All the best to you both in 2016 from the Wood Clan here at Fintry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • WordPress sends me an email with the info and I still so new to blogging that I get impressed by it 🙂 We hope you had a great New Year and look forward to camping at Fintry again this summer! All the best to the Wood Clan for 2016.


  2. Hope you enjoyed your first blog date as much as we did. It was an enjoyable get together. Cheer’s to more fun adventures in 2016. Can’t wait to see where those wheels take you. Happy New Year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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