Wow, Fuel Is Getting Cheap!

Yesterday we filled the truck up in preparation for our drive to Phoenix today to catch our flight home for Christmas. Over the last little while the price of gas in Arizona has been dropping but diesel has stayed fairly static and always a little more than gas … until today! Today we filled up for $1.89 a gallon ($.10 a gallon cheaper than gas) which works out to $.55 a litre CND even with our current crappy exchange rate, that is much better than the $1.04 a litre we would be paying at home!

Yesterday’s happy hour was spent at the Egg Game with Driving Miss Murphy and it was very entertaining … well maybe more so for us since I won $50.00 and then the next ticket called was hubby’s and he won $50.00! Hubby also won $60.00 at our first Egg Game this year so we are really doing well 🙂

This morning I will do some laundry and water my plants while hubby prepares Maxx for his time alone over the next three weeks. We will then handover the keys to our neighbours, who have once again graciously offered to keep Maxx company and look out for his well being, and make the three-hour drive to Phoenix for our flight home. Warm squeezy hugs, and snow, here we come!

I will leave you with some random interesting pictures from around Yuma.

The washrooms at Z Fun Factory in the Foothills of Yuma.

The sinks were metal drums and the mirrors are inside tires.

A fun bike rack in downtown Historic Yuma.

Until next time …


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