A Dinner Party For Twelve!

So here is how this all started …

Me – “I think we should have a few people over for the golf cart parade.”

Hubby – “That sounds like fun, who do you want to invite?”

Me – “Oh just our neighbours from Vernon, BC and our friends from Wisconsin.”

Hubby – “Sounds good.”

The invites went out and both couples accepted. A week later the conversation continues …

Me – “Driving Miss Murphy are here in the park, we should invite them to the golf cart party as well.” 

Hubby – “Will we all fit in Maxx?”

Me – “We had more people for happy hour when we were in the prairies this summer.”

Hubby – “Okay, that will be fun.”

Another invite goes out and is accepted. A few days later the conversation continues again …

Me – “We should invite Driving Miss Murphy’s friends that we met last night.” 

Hubby – “Well that would be fun but I think we are getting too many people. Do we have enough room, dishes, and chairs?”

Me – “Sure, that’s only ten people total and we can ask our neighbours to bring their four chairs for sitting outside and we have enough dishes and room inside to eat dinner if it’s cold outside.”

Hubby – “But were will we all sit?”

Me – “We had more people for happy hour when we were in the prairies this summer and they all fit. We can sit four at the table, two at the couch and two in the easy chairs, you can sit at the end of the table on the stool, and I will sit on the other stool near the door. We have lot’s of room, it won’t be a problem.” 

Hubby – “Okay, if you say so.”

Another invite goes out and is accepted. A few days later we are on our way to the hot tub and stop to talk to the neighbour two doors down and I invite them as well …

Hubby – “So were will they sit?”

Me – “I don’t know but we will work it out.”

Yesterday was parade day and the good lord was looking down on us because the day was sunny, fairly warm, and no wind so we were able to sit outside for happy hour, dinner, and the parade. We borrowed six chairs from our two nearest neighbours and four plates and bowls from our immediate neighbours and we were all set. This is the largest dinner party we have held in Maxx and it was a blast! Everyone got along and I think everyone had a good time. Our group was made up of one couple from Saskatchewan, three couples from our hometown area, one couple from a town 20 minutes north of our home, and one couple from Wisconsin.

After dinner we all gathered around our propane fire and watch the golf carts go by while hubby served them shooters and we all wished them Merry Christmas.

Yes I am definitely in the Christmas spirit!

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “A Dinner Party For Twelve!

  1. Oooohhhhh…. I’m getting high school flashbacks of one of my friends always goading me into having parties when my parents were gone. She’d say, “I’ve only told this person, this person and this person”. Then a day later she told this person and this person. And on Thursday she invited a few more peeps. And by Friday 120 people showed up at my parents house. YOU WERE THAT GIRL!!! 🙂

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