Busy Days, Busy Nights

Hubby and I have been very busy the last few days! After our last bike ride through Yuma Castle Park we have ridden by again to check the progress and met some friends from Wisconsin at Lutes Casino for lunch … Lutes Casino is very entertaining but I will save that for a future blog 🙂

Friday I drove the truck around Yuma for the first time ever … hubby loves his truck and has always driven me anywhere I need to go, but even he didn’t want to ferry Navigator of Driving Miss Murphy and me around as we hit some clothing and jewelry stores! We had a great day shopping and managed to leave a few dollars behind for the local economy. Friday evening started off with beer and appies at the egg game along with four other couples. We then headed over to Miss Murphy’s house for dinner and lots of laughs.

Miss Murphy

Saturday saw us back in Algodones for a little shopping, hubby wanted a blanket to put over the truck trail gate that will allow us to carry our bikes easier and I wanted a smaller tablecloth for my table in Maxx … both items were found and great deals were made. We followed up shopping with a very entertaining and free lunch at Paraisio where they were holding their Welcome Back Party. Our free lunch also included free beer and margaritas along with entertainment, it was a great afternoon.

If you are ever celebrating a birthday and you decided to do it at the Paraisio in Algodones don’t tell them it’s your birthday … this is the way they help you celebrate!


They pour a shooter of Tequila in your mouth …

And then they shake your head back and forth while blowing on a whistle and banging on a steel pot beside your ear … hmm that doesn’t look like fun to me!

We followed that up by attending the Electric Light Parade in Historic Downtown Yuma with the Miss Murphy crew and another couple from our hometown. There were a lot of very brightly lit entries and it definitely brought out the Christmas spirit in the crowd! Although I still have a hard time believing it is less than two weeks to Christmas when I am sitting on the curb watching a Christmas parade and it really isn’t that cold!

A Star Wars Christmas


WOW that’s a lot of lights!

The picture doesn’t do this fire truck justice … it’s lights came on in sections in time to the music … it was very cool looking!

I am going to send this picture to hubby’s cousin on the farm in Saskatchewan to see if his tractor looks like this at Christmas … if not he better start decorating!

Definitely the best lit band in the parade!

And finally the snow came 🙂

Tonight we are hosting eight people for dinner and the golf parade … watch for pictures in the next few days.

Until next time …


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