Tuesday Coffee

When we are at home we meet a group of friends for coffee Tuesday mornings and a group of my co-workers, both retired and still working, on Wednesday mornings. Yesterday we received a surprise phone call from a retired co-worker from our Wednesday morning coffee group advising that they were spending the next month at our RV Park in Yuma. He and his wife sold their house this fall and headed out on the road at the end of October so we were anxious to catch up with them and find out how they were enjoying this new life. Rather than meet for coffee hubby and I thought it would be more fun to introduce them to Algodones and enjoy margaritas instead of coffee.

We had a very enjoyable day wandering around checking out the vendors and having lunch and a few margaritas out in the plaza under sunny … and finally warm … skies.

Yes it has been cold in Yuma the last few days, but it has been cold everywhere in the southern US for the last few days, although we have enjoyed sunny skies so it’s not all bad. The forecast for the next ten days shows warmer days and nothing but sun so all is right again 🙂

We did take advantage of the cold weather to put up our Christmas decorations. The best part was cold in Yuma is nowhere near as cold as it was at home when we put up our outside Christmas decorations!

Since my motto has always been “Life is better in flip-flops” our daughter sent me a photo of a flip flop wreath. I fell in love and had to make one of my own and it now adorns the screen that protects Maxx from golf balls.

Until next time …


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