Best Beer Ever!

Yesterday hubby and I gathered up all our courage and ventured out on Black Friday! Now normally this is something we steer away from however armed with our experience from last year we decided to give it a try. Last year we spent US Thanksgiving in Palm Desert with hubby’s cousin and his family. Before heading back to our RV Park in Temecula, California we did our grocery shopping. We had been to several stores before we realized it was Black Friday, the stores just were not that busy.

Yesterday, in Yuma, was no exception. We went to two stores were we were hoping we would get good deals and it was like a normal shopping day … except we did get good deals on the items we were looking for! Since shopping went so well we decided we should go out for lunch and we ended up at the Pint House in Historic Downtown Yuma. Since hubby couldn’t decide which beer he wanted we ordered a flight.

An interesting way to serve a flight, I wonder if they also make muffins in these tins?

Two of the beers we tried were a Sonoran White Chocolate and a Ballast Point Habanero. The Habanero was actually very good and definitely had a kick to it but the Sonoran White Chocolate was awesome! Not only was the smell incredible the after taste was just as good. I’m not really a beer lover but this is one beer I could drink a lot of 🙂

I did mix a little of the Ballast Point Habanero and the Sonoran White Chocolate together and it was also very tasty … hubby called it a Hot Chocolate.

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “Best Beer Ever!

  1. Ohhhhh yum…….we’ll have to look for it – the White Chocolate of course – the next time we are down south…… We haven’t seen the muffin tin either – we went to Swan’s in Victoria last night and they also had a system we haven’t seen before – I will have that on a future post.

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