Happy Thanksgiving … Again!

Last night we celebrated our second Thanksgiving this year. Our first Thanksgiving was celebrated back in Canada this past October with all of our children and most of our grandchildren, and last night we celebrated US Thanksgiving in Yuma, Arizona.

It was only hubby and I for dinner this year, all our friends had previous commitments, but that just means more leftovers for us 🙂

Life has settled into a nice routine of walks, bike rides, pool time, and socializing. None of these activities lend themselves to much blog material but I will try and write one every few weeks 🙂

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving … Again!

  1. Looks like an amazing Thanksgiving dinner!! We miss you at coffee but are carrying on!! Seven last week–a newcomer Brenda Limerick–many many laughs with that girl!! Keep having fun.

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  2. Dinner looks great, but is that all the vino you guys pour into your glasses??? Wow, you have amazing control. Here at home in Johnnydisco, no one can safely walk around the RV until I take a few sips, cause every shaky footstep would have wine slopping out the top of my glass.

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