Phoenix, Arizona

We have spent the past week around Phoenix, Arizona. We visited with my Aunt and Uncle on Tuesday, had our first blog date with Ingrid and Al of Live Laugh RV on Wednesday, and from Friday to late last night we were at Phoenix International Raceway for the NASCAR Race.

My Dad’s oldest brother and his wife live in Surprise, Arizona so we went over for a visit and lunch, it was fun to get caught up on all their news and find out what my cousins have been up to.

Our first blog date was also fun. Ingrid was the first person, other than family, to ever comment on my blog and I have enjoyed reading her blog and following their travels ever since. We had a really nice visit and thoroughly enjoyed our time with both of them, hopefully our paths will cross again.

Ingrid and Al of Live Laugh RV.

For years when our children were younger we followed the Indy Car circuit and attended several races a year, often with our two son’s in tow. When hubby’s sister said they were going to fly down to attend the NASCAR Race in Phoenix we decided to tag along to see our first race in this series. Both Friday and Saturday were warm and sunny. Friday night we enjoyed watching the Truck Series as the sun set.

Our view of the track and pits from our seats at the Trackside Club.

And then along came Sunday, the day of the big race. Practice and qualifying had all been complete on Saturday under great weather but Sunday the weather changed to overcast skies and a real chill in the air. Not really a problem since we had dressed for the weather but about an hour before the 1:00 start time the rain started up. Unlike Indy Cars, NASCAR’s do not race in the rain. Track officials were busy drying the track but they were fighting a loosing battle until finally six hours later the race was able to start.

Doing a good job of drying off the track, but every time they finished it would rain again 😦

Under the lights they raced over 160 laps and then the skies opened up and the rain poured down. They finally called the race around 10:00 p.m. and we headed home to dry out and warm up.

Not the way we wanted to watch the race but it was still a fun weekend with hubby’s sister, brother-in-law, two of their friends, and some great racing.

Until next time …


One thought on “Phoenix, Arizona

  1. We were thinking of you yesterday with all the nasty weather rolling through and wondering if you were one of the diehard fans sitting in the stands. Thanks for hosting us. It was fun meeting and I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again down the road somewhere 🙂

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