Quartzite, AZ

We arrived in Quartzite early Thursday afternoon and picked out our piece of desert, surrounded by beautiful views, sunsets, and sunrises. Our nearest neighbours are about a quarter mile away, in sight enough that we don’t feel totally isolated, but not near enough that we can hear them or see what they are doing.


Quartzite is a popular boondocking area, which is pretty quite right now. During January and February Quartzite draws in nearly 1.5 million RVers who flock to the area to attend 9 gem shows and 15 swap meets … definitely not a time I want to be here!  Many people spend months at a time here but more than a week would be to much for us.  The town is very small and I haven’t even seen a decent grocery store, although to be fair I haven’t gone into any of the stores.

Our main reason for stopping in the desert for four nights was to get some chores done that can’t be done in most RV Parks, plus we had a lot of TV shows to catch up on.  Hubby washed the truck and the front cap on Maxx, which also got a few coats of wax. He also painted his tool chest and the cover for our portable fireplace and both look brand new. I found time, between catching up on TV shows, to wash the windows inside and out.

We have one more day of peace and quite in the desert before we head to Phoenix for what is shaping up to be a busy, but fun week 🙂

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Quartzite, AZ

  1. We’ve done Quartzite too! A couple of times! The last time was the last time – two weeks with the crowds descending on us. Nice for a quick respite though – I do love the sunsets there! And – checking out the stalls for a bit. That’s where Cassia learned at 1 1/2 not to fall on the desert floor!


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