A Long Drive

Yesterday we began our travels along Highway 395 surrounded by beautiful trees in fall colors. An hour and a half later we lost the trees but gained creosote bushes, which made hubby happy, he really loves those creosote bushes. I was happy because I was in shorts and flip-flops, and by noon it was 86F (30C), yes life was good 🙂

Sadly for hubby the creosote bushes where replaced by sagebrush as we drove through the western edge of the Mojave Desert.

The Alabama Hills Winter Weather Warning had been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning with between eight and nineteen inches of snow expected overnight. We thought we had definitely made the right decision to drive on through and stay in Victorville, CA.

Why Victorville? When I first began writing this blog I was going to tell you about grocery shopping and a Passport America park we found at a good rate (Shady Oasis RV Park), but then we arrived at the campground … Yucky! As we pulled off the highway we were already a little leery from the little bit we had seen already but we pulled in behind a motor home from Washington and he told us to leave quickly! They had made reservations, pulled in with their motor home and unhooked their toad before going up to the office to check-in. He found the office was closed so he drove his toad around the campground and confirmed that what we saw wasn’t any better once you were inside the campground.

After some friendly conversation we turned Maxx around and headed out of the campground. After some discussion on where we should go, we ruled out boondocking because the weather is forecasted to be in the 90’s F, mid 30’s C, and we want air-conditioning if its that hot, we decided to go back to our original plan from many months ago and spend a week in Desert Hot Springs.

We are now settled in at Caliente Springs RV Resort and plan to spend the week doing some errands, grocery shopping, laundry, and spend plenty of time sitting around the pool.

Until next time …


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