A Scary Halloween

Actually Halloween hasn’t been scary at all, it is warm and sunny, but we woke up to some scary weather warnings, which have changed our jello solid plans.

I saw this warning for Carson City when I checked the weather while trying to decide on shorts or jeans. It is very warm out today so it’s really hard to believe it will get that cold in a few days!

Our plan was to leave Carson City today so we were going to miss their snow warning but we had planned on spending tonight and tomorrow night in Bishop, CA. We wanted to visit some hidden hot tubs near Bishop before heading to Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, CA, for a few nights of boondocking amongst the very large rocks. After seeing the weather warning for Carson City I figured I better check Alabama Hills since our drive would take us through some high passes on Monday morning.

Our highest pass today was 8,135 feet!

Our new plan is to spend tonight in Bishop and then drive onto Victorville, CA on Sunday; this will have us pass through the higher elevations before Monday’s dramatic weather change. After what we went through in Texas two years ago we take storm warnings seriously!

A pretty drive today 🙂

Mono Lake, CA – picture taken at 8,000 feet and it was still warm, 70F, 20C.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “A Scary Halloween

    • We will keep our fingers crossed for you as well. It was hard to believe the passes will have snow in a few days given how warm it was up there today. It is also strange to see all the trees changing color when we are wearing shorts and flip flops 🙂

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