Compliments & Complaints

I don’t often write a company to complain, and if I do I never write until twenty-four hours after the event to give myself time to decide if the complaint is really worthy. More often than not I write an email to tell someone how good the service was. This trait comes from years of management experience and dealing with some unfounded … and some not so unfounded … complaints against staff/volunteers.

It has been many years since I have felt the need to complain to an establishment but unfortunately this year I sent three complaints. Maybe I have more time now that I’m retired but I would like to think this isn’t a trend that will continue. Earlier this year hubby and I had a horrible experience at Red Lobster in Yuma. We ordered a four-course meal and were out of the restaurant in under an hour! We just couldn’t believe how quickly every course was served, before we had finished one course the next course arrived.  The restaurant wasn’t busy and we asked for the courses to be slowed down. After I sent my email I did receive a chain of responses from the local manager who, after me repeating my story many times at her request, said she would look into it and get back to me and never did. We will never go back to a Red Lobster anywhere!

This summer I wrote two complaint emails, one to the Old Spaghetti Factory and one to Red Robin about service in their establishments in our hometown. I can’t say enough about how the Old Spaghetti Factory handled the email! Less than ten minutes after I sent my email to their head office, the manager of the local restaurant called me and thanked me for my input. We were very impressed with the restaurant and the food, but the service that night almost bordered on rude. The fact that the manager was so responsive to the input made sure that we would definitely return!

Red Robin on the other hand totally ignored my input.  It is unlikely we will go back to that restaurant!

A few days ago hubby and I spent the night at Camp Walmart in Klameth Falls, OR. As usual we went into the store to ensure an overnight stay was okay and were absolutely amazed at how clean and friendly the store was. While I went to the washroom, which was spotless and nicely decorated in a fall theme … what Walmart does that … hubby went to Customer Service. Hubby said that, unlike most Walmart’s, the customer service area was tidy and had no buggy’s full of returns sitting around. As we walked through the store to pick up a few items every staff member we walked by smiled and nodded or said hello. The cashier was very friendly and quick. This leads me to believe that this store has a good manager that cares about the staff and creates good staff morale. We were so impressed that two days later we were still talking about our experience and I felt the need to send Walmart’s head office an email. A few hours later I receive a call from the manager of the store thanking me for the nice comments about her team. Was that call necessary? No, but it made me feel good that I took the time to write 🙂

Way to go Walmart Klameth Falls!

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