Welcome to California

Yesterday we crossed into California, for a few hours before we entered Nevada, and once again I completely forgot about the California Agriculture Checkpoints 😦  In all our travels we have never actually had to stop at one of these checkpoints, they are either closed or we just get waved through, but yesterday we were stopped and questioned. “Do you have any fruits or vegetables?” we were asked, and sadly I had a fridge full! So I proceed to confess to our abundant stock, all veggies – no fruit, and surprisingly they were all okay … what a relief. The next question they asked was if we had any firewood and fortunately we didn’t, although we had talked about picking some up in Oregon but never got around to it. I really need to remember these inspection stations in the future.

View along US 395

We are spending the next few days near Carson City, NV at the Silver City RV Resort. We stayed here last spring and really enjoyed it, the facilities are clean and the people friendly. The resort also has a hot tub and hubby and I are both really craving some tubby time 🙂 Silver City RV Resort is a Good Sam Park as well as a Passport America Park which makes it $20.00 a night for a maximum of four nights.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Welcome to California

  1. Love reading your blog–now I have two blogs to read!! Missed you guys at coffee the other morning–Ted was there along with Ken and Kathy–we will keep it going for your return. Take care guys and keep up the interesting reading!! Love DElma


    • Welcome Delma, we are glad you are following along. I am not nearly the writer that Kaycee is 😊 We thought about you guys on Tuesday and look forward to getting together when we are home at Christmas time.


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