Life Is Simple

Our first day in Sisters, while out for a walk, we came across three deer in a yard. Yesterday, while riding our bikes, we came up close and personal with a large black cow that had escaped through a fence. Today, while eating breakfast, I noticed a very large turkey crossing the road and a few minutes later another crossed the road. When we looked out the window we saw a gaggle of ten turkeys hanging out in the trees at the entrance to the park. We have no idea if these were wild turkeys or turkeys that escaped from a farm … maybe they realized US Thanksgiving is coming and made a break for it 🙂

We have been on the road for a week and we are only 9 hours from home! How awesome is that? Our goal in life is to travel slow and enjoy life and I think this proves we are doing that 🙂  We planned to spend the next four nights at Tumalo State Park just outside of Bend, Oregon but only one loop in the campground was open and it was full … plus it really wasn’t that nice of a state park. So on to our backup plan, we are now settled in at Scandia RV Park right in Bend and an easy walk to the Outlet Mall, I see some shopping in my future! Hubby sees a lot of time spent visiting establishments on the Bend Ale Trail. Sounds like a fun four days.

Until next time …


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