Cape Disappointment, Washington

And it definitely was not a disappointment! We spent the past two nights dry camping at Cape Disappointment State Park. This was a planned stop for us and with our quick trip out to the coast we had hope to have sunny weather, but no such luck 😦  We woke up Saturday morning to mist and rain and it hasn’t stopped. We arrived at the state park just after noon on Saturday and were able to get one of ten vacant tent sites, which was okay because we didn’t really need power and the sites were big enough for Maxx. We wandered along the beach Saturday afternoon but finally the rain chased us inside.

The north lighthouse

We didn’t wake up until 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning, about three hours later than we usually do. Inside Maxx it was very dark because of the rainy weather and the tall trees surrounding our site. We were thinking that Cape Disappointment might in fact turn out to be a disappointment but the rain let up so after breakfast we rode up to the gate house to pay for another night and found out about some paved bike paths. After riding around all the loops in the campground we loaded the bikes in the truck and drove out to the North Lighthouse, parked the truck, and got on our bikes. The rain held out as we road the paved path along the ocean and through the beach grass into Long Beach.

But we quickly came out of the trees and rode along the beach through tall grass.

We stopped for lunch in Long Beach and enjoyed part of the Seahawks game, I guess we stayed a bit too long because the rain started to fall just as we left. Our ride back was mostly through a light misty rain and a slight wind but we seem to get home much faster than our ride into Long Beach so it wasn’t that bad. We ended up riding 50K, 30 miles, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Even in the rain Cape Disappointment did not disappoint!

The south lighthouse.

I would have loved to stay another night but we had no cell or internet service and for some reason hubby really wanted to follow the Canadian election results tonight so we moved on to Newport, Oregon. I for one would have been perfectly happy hearing the results of the election tomorrow but I live to make hubby happy … actually it is the other way around for the most part so I owe him this one 🙂

Until next time …

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