A Beautiful Fall Day!

So we are back to the land of fifteen plastic bags for $60.00 worth of groceries and throwing away bottles instead of returning them for a refund … very hard to get use to … but again on the upside … CHEAP fuel, $2.49 a gallon for diesel today … yup I can adapt 🙂

Today we again broke our “no more than three hours of driving a day” rule but the weather has been warm and sunny and we really want to hit the coast of Washington before it changes.

We did receive an unexpected bonus on our way out to the coast; we came across a Sam’s Club so hubby was able to exchange a faulty battery we had purchased in Yuma last January.

We are now settled in at Camp Wal-Mart in Lacey, Washington, a location we stayed at last year and loved because of the free, very strong, Wi-Fi from a local college next door. Wi-Fi became a critical item today when I tried to use my debit card at Sam’s Club and it was declined. Fortunately I had cash on me but I was still concerned about my debit card not working. It took me about 20 minutes of worrying, and hubby with the phone in his hand to call our bank, before I finally realized I had neglected to transfer our US money from our Canadian US account into our US bank accounts, good thing we have Wi-Fi tonight 🙂

Mount Rainier

And the downside to the evening … the Blue Jays are loosing 5-0 and as I post this the Canucks are down 2 goals 😦

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Fall Day!

  1. Oh! I just realized you guys are on your way! Safe travels – looking forward to your adventure! Remember Home Depots are also good overnight stops because they close earlier then Walmart and always have wifi!

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