Winter 2015/2016 Underway :-)

This morning we hugged and kissed four of our little people … aka grandchildren … before they headed off to school. As I was giving them all the positive speech, we will be back in a few months for Christmas and we will Face Time whenever we have Internet, I realized that I also needed to take that to heart. As they headed off to school I headed back to Maxx, shed a few tears, and then told myself to buck up and take heed of what I had told the grandkids 🙂  I had done this whole routine with our other grandson a few weeks ago but somehow, at that time, it hadn’t occurred to me that a few months isn’t that long with modern technology and a trip home at Christmas.

So hubby and I closed up Maxx, and much to our daughter’s delight put her garbage cans back close to the house … we move them further away when we return in the summer because their winter location is right in front of Maxx’s door. We then gave daughter big squeezy hugs (we had said goodbye to son-in-law earlier) and started south on our 2015/2016 Snowbird Adventure.

We crossed the border with no problems, we had cleaned out the fridge and freezer before we left so our agriculture inspection was easy peasy and we did not have to go through the x-ray machine this year. We did make a stop at the Canadian duty free to pick up two bottles of hubby’s favorite rum … $90.00 at a BC Liquor store for 750 ml and only $40.00 at the duty free for 1 L … to good of a deal to pass up! Once we crossed the border we switch the truck odometer and nav system from metric to standard and we were on our way. It is nice to be back to the land of cheap fuel, $2.89 a gallon for gas or diesel (works out to .76 CND a litre) … sure beats the $1.17 a litre at home, and that’s directly over the border … it’s only going to get cheaper!

Like most Canadian’s heading south through the Osoyoos border crossing our first stop was at Walmart in Omak, Washington to stock our fridge. Our original plan was to stay at the new 12 Tribe Casino in Omak but it was still early, and the casino wasn’t very impressive, so we decided to drive on to Chelan, Washington.

Here’s to year three as snowbirds and full time RVers … hmm this would be a good way to spend every evening 🙂

An added bonus to staying in Chelan was dinner out at our favorite pub, and they have free Wi-Fi so I was able to post this blog.

Our “jello solid” travel plans for our tip south have us travelling no more than three hours a day. Today’s change of location made the trip a little longer but that just makes tomorrow’s drive a little shorter … hence the name “Jello Solid” plans, day one and the jello wobbled and our plans changed 🙂

Until next time …

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