Smoky Skies :-(

Most of the blogs I read have made comments about the smoky skies and forest fires where they are staying and the Okanagan area of BC is no exception. Our family was forced to evacuate our home in 2003 when fire ripped through our town. Fortunately we were not one of the 239 homes that were lost but it was still a pretty scary time so I can really relate to all those affected by the fires this summer.

Last Sunday we headed up to Armstrong BC to camp for three nights with friends. What should have been an easy drive with beautiful views of the lakes along the way, turned out to be an easy drive with nothing to look at but smoky skies.

Picture taken a year ago.

Picture taken last Sunday.

But the smoky skies couldn’t keep this group from having fun! The four of us walked and rode our bikes around town for three days.  We spent time wandering in and out of many small shops, and even made a few trips to the pub at the Armstrong Hotel for some refreshments.

It was at the hotel that I think our most entertaining moment happened … hubby was at the bar paying the bill, I was reading some of the fun signs posted on the wall, friend wife was doing something and friend husband went to the washroom … so far it sounds pretty unentertaining right 🙂  Well hang in there it gets better! As I’m reading the signs I hear friend wife say, a little incredulously, “What happen?”, I turn around to see friend husband standing there with blood running down his face!

Actually I think I will continue the story with the email that friend wife send to their children and family after our time at the bar.

A guy goes into a biker bar, sits down has a beer. Decides he has to
take a leak, goes into the can, trips on the step up and gashes his
forehead on the Harley handlebars that are mounted above the urinal.
True story!

Guess Who?

Well they had no trouble guessing 🙂  After many laughs that night us ladies decided we needed to see what this urinal looked liked, hubby had gone in for a look after friend husband came out with blood on his face but of course us ladies couldn’t go in to the men’s room. So the only solution was to go back to the bar and send hubby in to take a picture.

I’m guessing the handlebars are there in case you really overindulge!  Friend husband caught his flip flop on the concrete edge of the cement base and really was very lucky his injury wasn’t worse.  And honestly he only had one beer!

We had a lot of fun a this pub and yes friend husband is okay and he barely has a scar to show off for his escapade 🙂

Until next time …

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